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Try Some Dill

Dill weed is a perennial herb used all over the world. It is healthy and adds a strong delicious flavour to food. You can eat it raw as a garnish or eat the seeds, or use the seeds or the green plant in canning recipes. Other uses are in salads, dressings and dips. We grew quite a lot of it this year in our yard. Then harvested it, cut and froze it in ziplock bags. Each little bundle is the size we use for one mason jar of fermented food. We put 6 bundles in each medium ziplock bag. We have 84 bundles in the freezer to use in soups, and various applications.

Besides tasting great, dill is very healthy. Here is some info on the plant itself from the Dr. Axe Food is Medicine website.

The name “dill” means to “calm or soothe,” and most likely originates from the plant’s known ability to calm troubled stomachs and colicky infants.

One cup of fresh dill weed sprigs contains about:

  • 4 calories

  • 0.6 gram carbohydrates

  • 0.3 gram protein

  • 0.1 gram fat

  • 0.2 gram fiber

  • 675 IU vitamin A (14 percent DV)

  • 7.4 milligrams vitamin C (12 percent DV)

  • 0.1 milligram manganese (6 percent DV)

  • 13.1 micrograms folate (3 percent DV)

  • 0.6 milligrams iron (3 percent DV

Dill weed is extremely beneficial and safe for most people, and it’s more versatile than just making dill pickles. You can use it in salads, dips, dressings and a whole other host of recipes, all of which help you receive some of the amazing dill benefits.

Since dill weed may help reduce menstrual cramps, reduce depression, lower cholesterol, act as a natural bug repellent, treat epilepsy, provide a source of energy, aid in digestion, contain antimicrobial effects and protect against free radicals, it’s something you should add to your diet today.

There is lots of history behind dill. Check out the Dr. Axe website.

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