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Uncommon Edibles - The Herb, Borage

A few days ago I posted about a great salad. I featured the hollyhocks. Today I want to feature the borage in that same salad.

So let's talk about borage. The following photos are from a few borage plants that grow in our front yard.

Borage flowers are beautiful.

Borage Flower

Borage flowers are great magnets for pollinators.

The borage leaves are rough/bristly.

Borage Leaves are Edible Fresh in Salads

Borage leaves easily pinch off.

Borage Leaves are "bristly" to the touch

Even though the leaves are bristly to the touch. Just fold them up and start chewing. The rough texture disappears almost immediately and it tastes good. For more details on Borage click HERE to link to Resources/Herbs on this website.

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