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When Martin Scholz was young, his folks sent him to his grandparents in Coaldale, Alberta, Canada every summer for 2 weeks.  Among many memorable experiences, a highlight was Oma's cooking.  And most of the food they ate was grown on their oversized town lot.  Fantastic.  Many years later Martin understands part of what made the food taste so great--keeping their soil healthy.

Fifteen years ago he began to look at possibilities of living sustainably on smaller plots of land.  He has become a permaculture consultant and  trainer excited about the possibility of joining the journeys of many others as they look to bio-mimicry design and practice.


Martin lives with his wife Lorna in Red Deer, Alberta Canada and currently works with Action International as a Sustainability Coordinator.  This provides opportunities to process what healthy food security can look like for needy communities in various countries.


His hope is that the resources on this website will interest others in turning their lawns into lunch, their hedges into fedges (food hedges), their bugs into buddies and their bounties into blessings for their own communities and beyond.

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