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Harvesting Apples

The other day we harvested our Goodland apples. Harvesting them is time critical. They go from tart to sweet to mulchy within 2 weeks or so. So we tasted them every couple of days until the sweetness was just right. My sister Dorothy came up from Calgary to help process the apples into apple sauce. Picking the apples from the tree to steaming them on the stove to 51 lbs (23kg) of applesauce in their containers took just 3 hours. Fresh apples without any herbicides, fungicides or any chemical treatment. The applesauce is pure with nothing added. Ready to eat...sweet with just a bit of tangy flavour. We love this sauce.

Martin Picking Apples

Dorothy Picking Apples

Apples Steamed on the Stove

Food Strainer & Sauce Maker Makes it Easy

Just Another Angle

Apples Press Easily when Steamed Through

Fill the Hopper with Whole Apple - Stem and Core

Sauce Goes in One Direction

28 Repurposed Yogurt Containers Filled

Clean - Delicious


Ready to Eat or Freeze

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