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Fermenting Food

Commonly when people preserve vegetables they can them. This usually means using carefully sterilized glass jars and tightly sealed lids. The canning process "cooks" the food in the jars in boiling water. The result is food with vitamins and minerals that have a long shelf life. Great for keeping food during colder seasons when growing food is no longer an option.

Fermenting foods to preserve them is a different process. First, you do NOT need to sterilize the glass jars. Instead just wash them in the sink as you would do any dishes after a meal. Second, the lids are loosely fit, not sealed. Third, the vegetables are never "cooked" in hot water. Instead a warm water only 2-3% salt (without iodine) solution of water (brine) is used. Fourth, you place all your seasonings (Eg. Dill, Garlic, Peppercorns, Bay Leaves) in the jar and then tightly pack the jar with sliced veggies up to just the shoulder of the jar. Then pour in enough brine to completely cover the veggies. Next, press some cabbage leaves, or a stone over top of the veggies to make sure the veggies don't break the surface of the brine. About an inch of air should be left at the top of the jar since the veggies will swell. Finally, screw the jar lid on but not tightly. The veggies will begin to pickle themselves and produce C02 (Carbon Dioxide) causing pressure to build in the jar. So tighten the lid lightly enough for the pressurized air inside the jar to get out.

In 3-5 days the pickling process should be done (longer in colder climates). Ideal pickling temperatures are 70-75 degrees F (21-24 C). After 3 days you can open the jars and taste test to see if they are pickled (vinegary taste).

The whole process is simpler, takes less time and is more cost effective than traditional canning methods. The extra benefits over canning or pasteurized food are the added health outputs. Along with vitamins and minerals, you get beneficial living microorganisms (probiotics).

Some benefits are: Produces superior gut health. Builds baseline immunity. Reduces candida (yeast infections). Detoxes the colon and liver. Clears congestion. Protects arteries. Helps with arthritic conditions and many more. The juice can be used for recipes that call for vinegar. Or you can drink the delicious solution to gain health benefits.

After passing the taste test (vinegary like pickled veggies) , tighten the lid and place in the refrigerator where it will last about 1 month or more. So easy. So healthy. Lasts long enough to be thoroughly enjoyed. Try it. If I haven't made everything clear, drop a note so I can get back to you.

Fermented Pickled Cucumbers

Fermented Pickled Hot Peppers

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