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Coffee Anyone? Try Dandelion Roots

Ok. So you start by finding a clean source of dandelion roots. The larger the better. It takes a lot of small roots to make dandelion root coffee. Our dandelion source grows dandelions with roots often the size of carrots. Dig them out. Clean with water and a brush. Cut/chop into pieces no larger than 1 inch in length and rewash in a larger container massaging and rinsing until water runs clean. Spread out to dry for a day or so. Blend in a blender to the size of rice and spread out to dry for another day. A fan helps. Spread out on a pan and bake at 180F for 20 minutes until thoroughly dry then up the oven temp to 300F (on my oven). When the batch begins to smoke up through the oven top, pull out immediately and spread out to rest. The kernals should be dark brown and smell... coffee. If you leave the batch smoke too long it will burn and the batch will be ruined. Package at leisure when warm. Grind the kernals and make your coffee using a French press. I use one heaping tablespoon per cup. Flavour to taste. Experiment. I like adding a nutty flavour for a great tasting cup. Click on the link below to read more about the health benefits of dandelions.

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