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Urban Eco Design is In. "Lawns are so 1984." (Rene Michalak)

The diagram below features a design that I drew up after deciding growing grass that we had to maintain for so little return needed to be replaced with something a lot more beautiful and productive while enhancing biological function. Since then, the pollinators have increased, the birds visit more. We get a lot more reflective light from the pond for the cherry bushes and use rain water from the roof 5 different ways. We have been surprised with how "happy" the bushes and trees have become producing fruit so much earlier than what we were expecting. Thinking and living in ecological harmony in the city certainly has been challenging. We see a lot more things we could be doing. Anyway, this design of only half of our front yard that I drew 3 years ago is now happening. One of the great things has been how others have helped out, invested, worked to see the plan come together. For those of you who find yourselves lacking some courage to do something like this... I say.... well...... just start. Get help. Go for it. Just know that once you start, it will change you.

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