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Intro to Permaculture Workshop

This last weekend I was a participating trainer in an Intro to Permaculture Workshop. Friday night featured a tour to three urban "homesteads" in the city of Red Deer, Alberta. Here are a few photos of the tour of our place. The season is early so most of our vegetable crops are not yet seeded. However many of our fruit trees are in full bloom. We have 2 types of plum trees, 2 types of apricot trees, 2 types of pear trees, 1 Juliet cherry tree, 1 Romeo cherry bush, 2 Nanking cherry bushes, 2 Apricot trees, 2 Blueberry bushes, 1 Saskatoon berry bush, 8 Haskap or Honey berry bushes, 1 Apple tree and some strawberries. So we talked about the trees for awhile. Then viewed the pond, water catchment system, greenhouse, Fergola (food pergola), fed the worms, discussed the barrel gardens, sifted some compost and checked the finished compost.


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